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    Lunch and Dinner


    A la carte choice

    Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness.

    Cooking is for the eye, the mouth, the nose, the ear and the mind, no art has this complexity.
    Our chefs work on the original taste of the ingredient in order to always sublimate the ingredient.
    Our job is fantastic, we work to give pleasure to others.




    Tomato Tatin Tart

    2 700 xpf salad with balsamic vinaigrette, Parmesan cheese and double cream

    Avocado & Shrimps

    2 800 xpf Avocado mousse, Shrimps cooked in a Citrus broth seasonning, Crispy bread and fresh orange broth sauce

    Gratinated Brie
    with Truffles

    2 500 xpf Mixed green salad, aromatic erbs dressing

    Red Ahi Tuna Gravlax
    with Orange

    2 600 xpf Coffee bean dressing


    2 750 xpf Fresh coconut tree heart, Green papaya, Green onions, Fresh tomatoes, Cucumber, Passion fruit dressing

    Red Ahi Tuna Tartar

    2 750 xpf

    Fresh Foie gras terrine

    3 200 xpf Fig chutney, Toasts & Gingerbread

    From The Sea

    To guarantee the freshness of the products by our fishermen of Bora Bora,

    Fish and crawfish according to arrivals


    From The Sea

    To guarantee the freshness of the products by our fishermen of Bora Bora, Fish and crawfish according to arrivals

    Half-cooked Red Ahi Tuna

    3 900 xpf In Nori crust, Caramelized fresh Ginger juice, Flavored rice

    Roasted Mahi-mahi

    3 800 xpf Fresh Coconut crust, Mashed potatoes with olive oil, White Lime butter sauce

    Home made fish stew
    with Mahi-mahi filet, Shrimps & Mussels

    4 100 xpf Served with Rust sauce, croutons and grated Comté cheese

    From the land


    From the land

    Classical Beef tenderloin knife
    chopped tartar

    3 900 xpf Prepared on demand and home made french fries

    Duck breast

    3 800 xpf Duck breast cooked in low temperature, Sweet mashed potatoes, Mulled wine sauce

    Grilled rack of Lamb with tyme

    3 800 xpf Mediterranean style creamy Polenta, Artichokes "à la Barigoule"

    Vegetable risotto

    3 500 xpf Parmesan cheese, Aromatic beef juice

    Roasted "Bresse" chicken

    4 400 xpf With yellow wine, Potatoes and Creamy Morel sauce

    Grilled beef tenderloin

    4 000 xpf Beef gravy juice, home made french fries

    Rossini style

    Extra 500 xpf Pan Fried Duck Leaver, Madeira Sauces

    Truffled mashed potatoe

    Extra 500 xpf

    Signature dish of Saint James


    Available only for diner

    according to arrivals.

    Lagoon fish

    13 000 xpf / 2 pax Cooked in Salt Crust, Side of the moment, Shellfish bisque & White lime butter sauce

    The Grand Special
    peppercorn tenderloin flambéed at your table with Cognac

    6 400 xpf Red Port reduction based butter sauce

    The Extras of the Moment

    Beluga caviar
    from Kaviari’s house

    15 900 xpf Served with a sour cream, sliced fresh onions, blinis & toast

    Local fresh spiny lobster
    flambéed at your table with Tahitian flavoured rum

    1 450 xpf (100gr) Vegetable risotto, Shellfish bisque with Mahi-mahi filet, Shrimps & Mussels


    Enjoy the very best in desserts



    Tahaa’a Vanilla Crème Brûlée

    1 700 xpf

    Traditional Coffee & Amaretto Tiramisu

    1 700 xpf

    Chocolate lava cake
    Vanilla ice cream

    1 800 xpf

    Digestives Home-made ice-cream

    1 800 xpf

    Tableside flambéed fruit
    according to the market

    2 300 xpf

    Grand-Marnier chilled mousse
    fresh orange coulis, chocolate curls

    2 200 xpf

    The Pastry Chef’s entremet
    of the moment

    2 200 xpf

    Cheese Selection
    of your choice, Green salad

    (3 choice) 2 400 xpf (Extra choice) 450 xpf
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