" The Saint James Restaurant | Bar " is open Monday to Saturday from 6.30 am to 10 pm


    Saint James Tapas

    At the Bar or the Restaurant

    The tapas atmosphere

    A moment of pleasure

    Enjoy a drink of your choice around a plate of tapas with friends

    From a mixed charcuterie plate to an assortment of cheese, from salmon to caviar, our menu will delight you with its wide choice of products.
    Taste your tapas with a lounge atmosphere front of the lagoon!



    Salted Delights

    Small plate
    of Cured Meats selection

    2400 xpf Serrano raw ham, Pave Lyonnais, Pickles, Butter & Bread

    Large plate
    of Cured Meats selection

    3 600 xpf Serrano raw ham, Pave Lyonnais, Pickles, Butter & Bread

    Prime Ham selection (100gr)

    Depends on the selection

    Fried spicy chickpea balls

    1 800 xpf yoghurt sauce

    Duck Foie-gras Terrine

    2 500 xpf Brioche, Gingerbread

    Snails of Burgundy

    (12)2 400 xpf with Garlic & Parsley Butter

    Tapenade Trio

    1 800 xpf Black olives, Green olives & Candied tomatoes Tapenade

    Jumbo shrimps tempura

    2 000 xpf sweet & sour sauce & guacamole

    Toasted Tartine

    La Bergère

    1 900 xpf Tomatoes fresh goat cheese, eggplants, rosemary

    Smoked Salmon

    2 400 xpf Sour Cream & Toasts

    Trilogy of House Fish Rillettes

    2 000 xpf


    1 900 xpf Tomatoes, Burata cheese, fresh basil oil sauce

    Classical & beetroot Hummus

    1 800 xpf Rosemary puff pastry sticks


    (6) 1 800 xpf / (12) 2 400 xpf

    Toasted Brie with Truffles

    2 200 xpf

    La Parisienne

    1 700 xpf Cooked ham, Emmenthal cheese

    Italian Creamy soft cheese
    & Cured Ham

    2 600 xpf

    Three Cheese
    Selection on your choice

    2 100 xpf - (extra) 400 xpf

    Eggplants caviar
    & Toasted bread

    1 800 xpf
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